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The Gordon Law Group are the attorneys that judges and other attorneys call when they need representation. We are highly respected because of our passion to protect people, their constitutional rights, and their civil liberties.

Our firm’s mission is to provide professional and effective representation for our clients, investing the time to fully understand their goals while meeting or exceeding all expectations. We work tirelessly to provide focused and tailor-made legal solutions for our clients on a judicious basis while always maintaining high standards of professional service and integrity.

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  • Professional, Efficient, Effective Representation
  • Handled 65 Felony Trials and Over 20 Homicides
  • Diverse Advocacy Experience In Both Teaching and Legislation
  • Senior Partner Is A Retired Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Deputy And Former Team Leader Of SWAT
  • Handled Over 1,050 Juvenile Cases and Over 1,700 Adult Cases

Our San Jose criminal defense attorneys provide every client with professional, efficient, and effective representation. In any complex or difficult case it is important that we have a 360-degree view of the situation that caused the State to bring charges against an individual. Learning the collateral facts, circumstances, and perspectives that are not included in the police report is an essential part of preparing a strong defense. This is a scary process for any individual, especially minors, and being aware of the weakness and strengths of the case and then being able to apply what has been discovered through investigation to the law helps provide context to cultivate a winning strategy.

Our firm is dedicated to handling your complex matter. We take on more juvenile crimes than any other firm in the county.

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