Multiple Charges

This week The Gordon Law Group finished the week strong by getting two cases dismissed that were set for trial. The first client was charged with Penal Code Sections 242-243(e)(Battery against a Spouse) and 148.3(False Reporting of an Emergency). After a messy divorce our client’s ex-husband made accusations to try and gain the upper hand in a custody battle that resulted in the State bringing charges. After investigation we were able to prove the accuser’s intent as well as his lack of credibility and get the case dismissed on the eve of trial.
Our Second client was accused of Penal Code Section 242-243(a)(Simple Battery). After getting in a physical altercation that ended after our client broke the other party’s nose the State began its prosecution. After looking at the circumstances leading up the fight it was clear we had a strong self defense case and were able to get the charge dismissed before trial commenced.

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