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Adept Criminal Defense For Complex Cases

If you find yourself facing a crime that will be tried at the felony level, seek intelligent legal representation as soon as possible. At The Gordon Law Group, we quickly mobilize to build your defense, knowing that a felony conviction can bring a lifetime of consequences for our clients.

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Types of felony crimes we represent include:

When The Stakes Are High, Find An Attorney You Can Trust

At the Gordon Law Group, we have earned a reputation for being adept courtroom defenders and skilled strategists. We bring more than 38 years of combined experience to each case, providing you with the peace of mind in knowing that our team is the best choice for the trial you face.

As a father-son team, we value the protection of family and relationships. We also know the stress that a felony conviction can put on your family, your job, and your future prospects.

Consequences for a felony conviction can include:

  • Permanent mark on your record
  • Long-term incarceration
  • Loss of citizen’s rights, such as serving on a jury, bearing arms, or voting
  • Housing difficulties, especially through government programs
  • Inability to obtain student loans

Knowing what you face, our San Jose felony criminal defense lawyers bring our aggressive defense to every trial, moving quickly to build a case that gives you the best chance at either a decreased sentence.

You are not alone. We want you to feel empowered to face these charges and you deserve a team that’s as formidable as your charges.

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